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The Linux keyboard and console HOWTO

Andries Brouwer,

v2.13, 2002-10-12

This note contains some information about the Linux keyboard and console, and the use of non-ASCII characters. It describes Linux 2.0.

1. Useful programs

2. Keyboard generalities

3. Console generalities

4. Resetting your terminal

5. Delete and Backspace

6. The console character sets

7. Console switching

8. Ctrl-Alt-Del and other special key combinations

9. How to get out of raw mode

10. The keyboard LEDs

11. The TERM variable

12. How to make other programs work with non-ASCII chars

13. X

14. Unusual keys and keyboards

15. Examples of use of loadkeys and xmodmap

16. Changing the video mode

17. Changing the keyboard repeat rate

18. Scrolling

19. Screensaving

20. Screen dumps

21. Some properties of the VT100 - application key mode

22. Hardware incompatibility

23. Copyright

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