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[FAQ] Oracle Database FAQ

FAQ about the Oracle FAQ. The Oracle FAQ provides independent and useful information on Oracle products to the Oracle DBA and Developer community.
Archive-name: databases/oracle-faq
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Version: 1.02


The following topics are addressed in this FAQ:

  1. Where is the Oracle FAQ located?
  2. What is in the Oracle FAQ?
  3. Who should use the Oracle FAQ?
  4. Where can one post Oracle related questions?
  5. How does one add information to the Oracle FAQ?
  6. Can I add my own FAQ to the Oracle FAQ site?
  7. Are there any translation projects for this FAQ?
  8. Legal stuff

1) Where is the Oracle FAQ located?

The Oracle FAQ is available on the Web at the following addresses: - Australia   - Germany   - South Africa        - USA (Michigan)        - USA (Texas)

We recommend you select the site closest to you to prevent
congestion on the Internet and overloading of any particular
server. If one of the above servers is inaccessible, please
use one of the other mirror sites.

2) What is in the Oracle FAQ?

The Oracle FAQ contains independent Oracle product related FAQs
for DBAs and developers. The FAQ also contains scripts, white
papers, news, jobs, forums, message boards, tips and training
on Oracle and SQL. It is a valuable resource for all Oracle
professionals. You may not get the Oracle company line, but
will surely get an answer to just about any question concerning
the software giant and its products.

3) Who should use the Oracle FAQ?

The Oracle FAQ is primarily intended for "newbie" users trying 
to get up to speed with Oracle, but also includes information 
for the more seasoned Oracle Professionals. It should be 
referenced before asking questions on the Oracle-L mailing 
list or USENET newsgroups.

4) Where can one post Oracle related questions?

If after reading the appropriate FAQs, you still cannot find
the answer to your question, you may post your question to
the ORACLE-L list, appropriate USENET newsgroup or FAQ
Message Forum:

  USENET Newsgroups (using a Newsreader program or

  ORACLE-L List (using an E-Mail program):
        To subscribe, send an e-mail message to In the body of the message
        write "SUBSCRIBE ORACLE-L your_real_name".

  FAQ Message Forum (using a Web Browser):

Make sure you understand the Netiquette Guidelines before 
posting your message (

When you receive your answer, it is recommended that you
post a summary to the list/newsgroup. It might also be nice
to notify the ORACLE FAQ maintainers of the answer so that
they can update the Oracle FAQ accordingly (keep in mind
that they do not always have the time to scan the lists/
newsgroups for new information).

5) How does one add information to the Oracle FAQ?

We try our best to constantly improve the Oracle FAQ. However,
we rely on the good will and support of our readers to notice 
problems and omissions. Please e-mail any suggestions, 
contributions and corrections to
If you submission is accepted, your name will be featured 
with the content.

NOTE: Please do not send us questions without detailed 
answers. Read question 4 (where can one post Oracle
related questions?).

6) Can I add my own FAQ to the Oracle FAQ site?
Sure, design your FAQ page(s) and send it to us for inclusion 
into the Oracle FAQ. Try to stick to the look, feel and style 
used in the rest of the FAQ. 

7) Are there any translation projects for this FAQ?

There was a Japanese translation of the Oracle FAQ some time
ago. Maybe it is still out there (difficult to tell). If you
want to translate one of the FAQs, or know about some cool
translation techniques, please let us know.

8) Legal stuff

All information on the Oracle FAQ is offered in good faith and in the
hope that it may be of use, but is not guaranteed to be correct, up
to date or suitable for any particular purpose. The author (and
contributors) accepts no liability in respect of this information or
its use.

The Oracle FAQ is independent of and does not represent Oracle
Corporation in any way. Oracle does not officially sponsor,
approve, or endorse this FAQ or its content.

Best regards

The Oracle FAQ Team

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