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Java and Jakarta Tomcat on FreeBSD

Victoria Chan

Hiten Pandya

$FreeBSD: doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/java-tomcat/article.sgml,v 1.13 2002/08/31 21:44:18 keramida Exp $

This document is presented in hopes of making it easier for anyone that needs to get Java up and running on FreeBSD, with the least amount of aggravation. Plan on spending a whole day on such a project as it will take time to assemble all the pieces and compile them individually, and then as a whole. It also shows how to install the famous Jakarta Tomcat Servlet and JSP container on the FreeBSD operating system.

1 Introduction

The Java programming language was birthed on May 23rd 1995. One would expect that after all this time, Java applications would be easy to install and ready to run from a single package, or port on FreeBSD, thus making it available for the ``masses''. This is not the case, unfortunately, as the Java distribution is held very closely by Sun Microsystems, and prohibits re-distribution. All Java Applets must be compiled from source code, together with the Java Development Kit from Sun Microsystems. All these ingredients must be blended together in the right order, assembled, and compiled by the end user. With such distribution philosophies at heart, it is my opinion that Java will always be developer or hacker use only. I certainly found this to be true when I needed to serve up some .jsp pages for a client on my web server, and needed to get www/jakarta-tomcat to work with www/apache13 on my FreeBSD system.

The Tomcat portion of the install is very straight forward, but the difficulty I had was getting Java Development Kit up and running for FreeBSD 4.X, as Sun Microsystems only supplies Binaries for Linux, Solaris, and Windows NT. This means that I had to compile my own JDK for FreeBSD. I began by searching for documentation on the Internet. I quickly found that there is more source code than I need along with patches to the source code, but very little documentation of what to do after obtaining everything.

In this article, you will find how to install the Java Development Kit for FreeBSD, and how to get up and running with Tomcat. A reference section is also provided for further reading.

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