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Пример скрипта работающего с модемом через serial port (perl example modem serial script)

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Ключевые слова: perl, example, modem, serial, script,  (найти похожие документы)
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 16:12:22 +0000 (UTC) From: Newsgroups: Subject: Пример скрипта работающего с модемом через serial port СГ>ну киньте живой пример общения с модемом. Вот такое пойдет? Толстовать для фидо конечно, но зато заведомо живое и может кому еще пригодится. Писалось и отлаживалось под Linux, но с точностью до имен устройств под любой другой нормальной системой тоже должно работать. ==begin mphonebook script=== #!/usr/bin/perl -T use Getopt::Std; =head1 NAME mphonebook - manages mobile phone phonebook =head1 SYNOPSIS mphonebook [-p device] mphonebook [-p device] -a comment phone mphonebook [-p device] -rNN comment phone mphonebook [-p device] -dNN mphonebook [-p device] -l [filename] =head1 DESCRIPTION This utility manages phonebook in mobile phone, connected by GSM-compliant modem interface. By default it assumes that your phone is connected via first IRDA port B</dev/ircommnew0>. When invoked without arguments it just lists all the phonebook entries to the stdout. when invoked with B<-l> option, loads file in the same format as it outputs, int phone, erasing any entries which can be there (thus allowing you to edit your phonebook with your favorite text editor). Options B<-a>,B<-r> and B<-d> allows to manage phone book entries individually. Program does proper UUCP-style locking to interoperate correctly with other dial-out software. =head1 OPTIONS =over 4 =item B<-a> I<comment> I<phone> Adds given I<phone> with given I<comment> into the first empty slot of phonebook and prints a slot nubmer. =item B<-d>I<NN> Deletes an entry from slot number NN =item B<-l> Loads a phonebook from file(s) or B<stdin> if no files specified. =item B<-p>I<device> Allows to specify device name to communicate instead of default B</dev/ircommnew0>. =item B<-r>I<NN> I<comment> I<phone> Replaces contents of slot I<NN< with given I<phone> and I<comment> =back =head1 BUGS AND LIMITATIONS Only one of B<-a>, B<-r> or B<-d> option may be specified in one command line. =head1 LICENSE This program is distributed under GNU General Public License =head1 AUTHOR Victor B. Wagner E<lt>vitus@ice.ruE<gt>. =cut my $port = "/dev/ircommnew0"; my $lock_dir="/var/lock"; use strict; use Fcntl; use vars qw($opt_D $opt_d $opt_a $opt_r $opt_l $opt_p); getopts("Dd:ar:lp:"); if ($opt_p) { $opt_p =~/^(.*)$/; $port =$1; } my $exclusives=0; for (($opt_a, $opt_r ,$opt_d ,$opt_l)) { $exclusives++ if $_; } if ($exclusives >=2) { print STDERR "Two or more mutually exclusive options are specified\n"; exit 1; } lock($port); open F,"+<$port" or die $!; print STDERR "Opened\n"; select F; $|=1; select STDOUT; # Common initialization modemcmd('ATZ'); modemcmd('AT+CSCS="8859-1"'); my ($bookinfo)= modemcmd('AT+CPBR=?'); $bookinfo=~/\+CPBR:\s*\((\d+)-(\d+)\),(\d+),(\d+)/; my $bookfirst=$1 || 1; my $booklast=$2 ||10; my $phonemax=$3 ||20; my $commentmax=$4 ||20; my $format="%3d:\%-${commentmax}s \%-${phonemax}s\n"; print STDERR "Initialized\n"; my ($comment,$phone)=("",""); for (($opt_r,$opt_d)) { next unless $_; die "Invalid phonebook index" if ($_ !~/^\d+$/ || $_ < $bookfirst || $_>$booklast); } if ($opt_r || $opt_a) { $comment = shift @ARGV; $phone = shift @ARGV; if (length($comment)>$commentmax) { die "Comment too long\n"; } if (length($phone) > $phonemax) { die "Phone number too long\n"; } store_phone($opt_r||"",$comment,$phone); unlock(); exit; } elsif ($opt_d) { delete_phone($opt_d); unlock(); exit; } my %used; my @book=modemcmd("AT+CPBR=$bookfirst,$booklast"); for (@book) { if (/\+CPBR:\s*(\d+),"([^"]+)",(\d+),"([^"]+)"/) { my $position=$1; my $number=$2; my $type=$3; my $comment=$4; printf $format,$position,$comment,$number unless $opt_l; $used{$position}++; } } unless ($opt_l) { unlock(); exit; } while(<>) { next unless /^\s*(\d+):(.*?)\s+(.*)$/; delete $used{$1}; store_phone($1,$2,$3); } for (keys %used) { delete_phone($_); } unlock(); sub store_phone { my ($pos,$comment,$phone)=@_; my $mode = 129; $mode = 145 if $phone=~/\+/; $comment=~s/["\\\010]/sprintf('\%02X',ord($1))/eg; modemcmd("AT+CPBW=$pos,\"$phone\",$mode,\"$comment\""); } sub delete_phone { my $index=shift; modemcmd("AT+CPBW=$index"); } # Sends its argument to modem # ignores first line of input, and reads until OK or error is got sub modemcmd { my $cmd = shift; print F "$cmd\r" or die $!; my $echo = <F>; print $echo if $opt_D; my @responce; while (<F>) { print $_ if $opt_D; die "Modem error\n" if /^ERROR\r?$/; return @responce if /^OK\r?$/; push @responce,$_; } die "EOF from modem;"; } my $lockfile; sub lock { my $port = shift; $port=~/\/(\w+)$/; $lockfile = $lock_dir ."/LCK..$1"; sysopen(F,$lockfile,O_RDWR|O_CREAT|O_EXCL) || die "Cannot lock $port:$!\n"; print F $$,"\n"; close F; $SIG{__DIE__}=\&unlock; } sub unlock { unlink $lockfile; } ==end mphonebook script -- Victor Wagner Chief Technical Officer Office:7-(095)-748-53-88 Communiware.Net Home: 7-(095)-135-46-61 Отправлено через сервер Talk.Ru -

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